Snow Dancing in August

We were in the dog days of August with sweltering heat and humidity. My mind turned to cooler thoughts.

I decided, why not do a painting involving snow? And not just a little snow. A lot of snow. So that thought was in the back of my mind as I was searching for potential new subject matter.

For some reason, my mind turned to dancing and the term slow dancing morphed into snow dancing. It was as simple as that.

From there, I had an image of a couple dancing in a blinding snowstorm. But where? Since I wanted all the focus to be on them, I decided the middle of nowhere would be a most appropriate place.

I also decided that to really bring more focus to the dancing couple, the woman should be in red dress with a nice, flowing cape. Not to be outdone, the man seemed to require a tuxedo. I wanted them to be oblivious of all that was around them, dancing to their own music.

The clumps of snow in the right foreground (so that's what they are!) added a little visual interest. When I decided that I was done adding snowflakes (probably more than two of them are alike), I signed it and couldn't quite decide if I liked what I had done or not. 

I will leave that judgment up to you and would love to hear what you think